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Elzetta’s Dave Barnett on Lumens, Beam Pattern and Brightness

Elzetta Design LLC CEO Dave Barnett recently  appeared in the first of what eventually became a very informative series of vlogs (they're up to #9 now). In this first video he clears up some misconceptions about lumens (vs. candela) and discusses beam pattern. While beam pattern is obviously important to many tasks that require a light, it can literally be life-changing in an offensive/defensive fighting application.

If you have 5 minutes, give it a watch. Pretty informative, regardless of your preferred brand of flashlight, especially the image comparisons and the water hose analogy.

“Lumens are a measurement of the total light output of a flashlight. They are not a measurement of brightness. You'll hear people use that term mistakenly, they'll say things like Oh 900 lumens, it's too bright…' Well that's a categorical error, it's really nonsense…something like saying 900 amps is too much voltage.”

Elzetta Design 1 - photo by Zero 7 One

Images from Elzetta social media; photos by Zero7One

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