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LWRCI’s Ultimate Hipster PCC

It was nearly five years ago that LWRCI teased the public with their “concept car” PCC. After a brief hubbub at SHOT, the mysterious semi-subgun seemed to vaporize. Not the first time it’s happened in the industry. What is unique is that all this time, they continued refining and perfecting that model, which they have re-unveiled…for the first time…again.

Now dubbed the SMG-45, this is LWRCI’s first commercial release of a pistol caliber platform that combines contemporary ergonomics with some decidedly counter-culture features in today’s PCC marketplace. First off, as the name would imply, the SMG-45 is chambered for .45 ACP. While there are several other companies offering .45 caliber models, they were follow-up releases to a 9mm flagship. Not the case here.

The SMG-45 is the first and only model in LWRCI’s pistol caliber lineup. We overheard several passersby request other caliber options. Company reps were cautious, saying that they would base those decisions off the success of this initial offering. While Glock-style magazines in .45 are fairly easy to come by, the SMG-45 feeds from HK UMP mags. We understand that this gun will take both original UMP mags as well as new/updated clone sticks that will be included with the guns. The latter includes clear window inserts like those made famous by Magpul PMAGs. That’s all we’ll say about that.

The charging handle is forward mounted, reversible, and non-reciprocating. Aside from that, all the controls are AR. The SMG-45 also comes with a folding SB tactical brace. The forearm uses LWRCI’s modular rail system from their IC carbine series. That is to say, short sections of Picatinny rail that screw into the handguard. Barrel length looks to be in the 8-inch range, and said barrels are already threaded and topped with a screw-on end cap.

Considering that the .45 ACP is naturally subsonic, we expect that a suppressor would do wonders on this piece. We were told units would begin shipping in June, and the MSRP is set at a brow-raising $3,000. It’s a highly unique take on the growing demand for pistol-caliber-everything. But three large for a blowback .45 is definitely cause for self-reflection.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at this conversation-starter.


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