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LWRC’s CSASS in Final Form

While you’re probably familiar with the LWRC REPR, you may or may not recall reading about another 7.62N option they were cooking up: The CSASS.

It stands for Compact Semi-Auto Sniper System, and there’s little doubt it was first created to accommodate an Army RFP (Request For Proposal) bearing the same appellation. Most products (at least ones you’d want to buy) go through several iterations before hitting market, but LWRC featured the full production form of the CSASS this year at SOFIC. You’d be incorrect to assume this iss a REPR variation–it’s more like the LWRC IC, but juiced up and chocked full of steroids. Think of it like a fighting carbine that can do double duty as a precision rifle rather than the reverse. Notably absent is the side-mounted charging handle, instead opting for a more traditional AR approach.

The CSASS features:

  • Helical fluted NiCorr treated match barrel
  • Hard anodized streamlined billet receivers
  • 20-position adjustable gas regulator
  • Lightened free floating forend
  • SR-25 magazine compatible
  • Enlarged trigger guard
  • MagPul pistol grip
  • Enhanced trigger and takedown pins
  • Geissele Trigger
  • True ambidextrous controls (magazine release, bolt catch, charging handle, selector)

Of course, it has the piston operation system that LWRC is known for. Oh, it’s also about a pound and a half lighter than the REPR and guaranteed sub-MOA with appropriate ammunition.


Officially hitting the market in mid-July, there will be two models available. One will feature a 16.1″ barrel equipped with a B5 SOPMOD and it’s bigger brother sports a 20″ barrel (for those that wish to get a little more ass from the 7.62N) and a MagPul PRS stock. Final pricing is still TBD but anticipate a starting MSRP of ~$4,000 depending on the barrel length and coloration.

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