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M2.0: Smith and Wesson Rumor Mill

Is a new S&W M&P headed our way? According to Soldier Systems Daily, maybe so.

SSD, a notably reliable industry daily, reported recently that filings for a Smith & Wesson trademark for something called the M2.0  had appeared on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Why is this of interest, they ask?

M2.0: Smith and Wesson Rumor Mill

“With the recent reveal of the Glock 17M and the subsequent rumors of the Glock GEN 5, it should come as no surprise that other firearm companies are looking at releasing updated models to their pistol lines. It looks like this is the case with Smith & Wesson, who it seems is planning on releasing their own upgraded M&P model pistol.

A source who wishes to remain anonymous told us the new pistol line is to be dubbed M2.0. M2.0 is a response to criticisms of the original M&P series pistols, and is designed with a host of features that will allow the M&P series to better compete with stock Glocks. Our source cited changes to the design, including an improved trigger and full-length guide rails, intended to increase overall functionality, reliability, and out-the-box accuracy.”

Soldier Systems Daily takes pains to point out this report comes from a trusted but second-hand account, advising, “…until any official news documentation comes out this info should be treated as speculation and rumor.”

Maybe we’ll see something new from Smith & Wesson (who recently acquired Crimson Trace) at SHOT 2017.

Read the original article and commentary here.

Note: that cover image is not an M2.0. It’s a gun ATEi (@ateiguns) worked on. Photo credit @biggestn8r.

This isn’t a 2.0 either. We just think it’s pretty.


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