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Issue 16

Revisited – 2013 Dodge 3500 – Battering Ram

When Spike’s Tactical was going to invest in a 2013 Dodge 3500 truck to tout their business, we knew that any pretentious B.S. would have to take a backseat.

Preview – CZ P-09 and P-0Z

A Former Delta Operator Breaks Down the CZ Polymer Omega Series and How to Wield It Using the Latest in Handgun Marksmanship

Preview – Zeroed In – Jim Smith

Despite Scaling Some of the Highest Peaks as an Adventurer and Earning Top Military Accolades as a Delta Operator, Jim Smith Has Shied from the Limelight.

Preview – Faxon Redux

Its Switch-Barrel Piston Gun Is All Grown Up. We Shoot the First Production Model.