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Preview – Mossberg and Magpul: Soulmates

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Photography by Shinnosuke Tanaka

Shotgun Wedding

Magpul has long been a leader in the industry with its economical, effective, and ubiquitous magazines, buttstocks, and accessories for the AR-15 platform. The company then turned its sights toward the tactical shotgun market and has been producing stocks, fore-ends, and sling swivels for some of the more popular shotgun designs, such as the venerable Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 and 590 series.

Through the hard work of firearms distributor RSR and one of its buyers (Caleb Siedlecki), six of Mossberg’s most popular tactical models are getting the full Magpul treatment at the factory.


Unfair Advantage?
The first thought that might come to mind for a lot of tactical shotgun owners is, “So what?”

Buttstocks and fore-ends for most pump shotguns are fairly quick and easy to install. Back when the only modification choices for an AR-15 were A1 sights versus A2 sights or fixed stocks versus collapsible stocks, shotgun owners were already adding synthetic stocks, pistol grips, sidesaddle shell carriers, and all kinds of tactical goodies — with nothing more than a screwdriver or the occasional metal punch. They breathed new life into old hunting guns that were lingering in gun stores and pawn shops across the United States. They were some of the easiest firearms to customize at home. (Editor’s note: They’re still easy to personalize. Check out RECOIL Issue 10 to see how we converted an old Remington 870 into a $600 home-defense shotgun.)

But according to some advocates and analysts, there’s a slight problem with this in the legal realm: these shotguns are altered from their factory configuration. In the event of an even slightly questionable self-defense shooting, the tables could be turned on the owner of the shotgun by an overzealous prosecutor. “He altered his grandfather’s duck gun into a weapon of mass destruction and was looking for a fight,” a clueless legal shark might claim.

Many dismiss this concern, and it could be a rare scenario depending upon the jurisdiction in which you live. Nevertheless, it’s something to consider when protecting yourself from the legal ramifications of lawful self-defense. One solution: Don’t give them an excuse.

There are other reasons for buying a factory-ready shotgun such as these. Most firearms enthusiasts like to trade-in and upgrade to get something better down the line, or at least something else. Some buyers know this and will start low balling when they see non-original parts on a firearm. Even if your pistol shipped from the factory with hard rubber grips, they will try to ding you for replacing them with custom carved mother of pearl, inlaid with 24-karat gold. Let them try that when your piece is all original and from a limited run, such as the shotguns that RSR is offering.


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