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Issue 22

DIY Western Elk Hunt – Budget Man-cation

Not all of us can afford to be chaperoned around for the chance to whack a trophy bull. Luckily we figured out how to put together a hunting trip that won’t break the bank.

Complex Routines Made Simple

Do you have a rigorous travel schedule? A quick fix for those strapped with time who want to stay healthy is to perform a barbell complex routine.

Back-up Iron Sights Buyer’s Guide

Back-up sights. For every guy who tells us they aren’t needed, there’s somebody else who tells us about the time their brother’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s, boyfriend’s optic took a bullet and he was forced to use his flip-up sights.

Preview – America’s Handgun – The 1911 Government Model

U.S. Patent number 984,519 was published on February 14, 1911 — its inventor was none other than John Moses Browning, and it detailed an ingenious semi-automatic handgun. That pistol was designated the Model 1911 and adopted by the U.S. military as its standard-issue sidearm for an astonishing 75 years.