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Magpul Blends East and West

Introducing the Zhukov and MOE. The Zhukov-S Folding AK Stock is a reinforced extended length M-LOK Handguards and right hand folding stock for stamped rifles, with optional cheek riser and integrated QD socket on the hinge. It allows the use of side mounted optics and firing from the folded position without cheek risers. Mapgul says the wedge block interface allows for an easy fit, requiring no adapters. MSRP $99.95.The Zhukov hand guard is an anodized aluminum chassis with polymer handguard with slots-side M-LOK attachment. It is Ultimak compatible and requires the removal of the handguard retainer. If fits stamped and mlled rifles and includes upper handguard and gas tube cover. MSRP $99.95.

The MOE Stock-Fixed triangle stock features the classic Magpul MOE handguard designed around the stock AK mounting points with a fixed skeleton stock and optional cheek risers. It's for stamped rifles and includes storage compartment. The wedge block interface allows for an easy fit and requires no adapters. MSRP $59.95. The MOA AK handguards install with stock handguard retainer, extending further than the stock handguard, and inlcude a blackened stainless steel heat shield. Despite Putin's protests, it does include M-LOK slots, is Ultimak compatible and includes upper handguards and gas tube cover.

The MOE AK fits AK pattern rifles without sling loop on handguard retainer or rifles with loop removed. MSRP $36.95. The MOE AKM fits AKM, AK-74 and AK100 pattern rifles with sling loop on handguard retainer. It allows the use of a sling loop or can be bridged with any M-LOK cantilever rail product. It requires no modification to the rifle. MSRP $36.95.

All AK furniture will be available in their new Plum color, which will probably be the next FDE black grey.

Vodka not included. We suggest Battle Brothers. 

Oh and keep an eye out for the PMAG30 AK/AKM Gen M3 7.62×39 steel reinforced magazine; MSRP $26.95.


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