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Mahindra ROXOR vs 2019 Jeep Wrangler on RECOILtv Transport


RECOILtv Transport: Mahindra ROXOR

In this episode of RECOILTv Transport, we fire up the way back machine and go WAY BACK to the 1950s with the Mahindra ROXOR. While these may appear at first to be a road-going vehicle, they are actually Utility Terrain Vehicles, and they are tough, durable little wagons. RECOIL puts them to the test against a 2019 Jeep to see how they stack up against the newest technology in four wheeling.  Here are a few quick specs:

MAKE: Mahindra


ENGINE: 2.5L 4Cyl Turbo Diesel

– Leaf springs
– Disc brakes(front)
– Drum brakes(rear)
– 9-inch ground clearance
– 63-Horsepower
– 55 MPH

Before hitting the road, the ROXOR was loaded up guns, ammunition, steel targets, all sorts of camping gear, and even a flame thrower. The RECOIL staff took the UTV on all sorts of trails, some being particularly rugged and the ROXOR held its own. Despite having such low power, the UTV trudged right along and kept up with the Jeep with no problems whatsoever. This is likely attributed to features like a turbocharged engine, and some impressive torque. The ROXOR really takes you back to the origins of four wheeling– forcing you to consider the proper gear as well as maintaining traction at all times.

After 3 days and putting over 300 miles on the Mahindra ROXOR, with the majority of those miles being off-road, we were able to give these ROXORs thorough and proper testing. When faced with tough roads, sand, mud, and even snow these little beasts were able to hold their own and then some. The Mahindra ROXOR can be purchased for a cool $16,000 and considering how well they perform, they are tough to beat at that price.  For more information on the Mahindra ROXOR visit  For more Transport videos, visit RECOILTv at

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