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Make your iPhone 5 part of a Swarovski Optik system

SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA has announced the release of their PA-i5 Adapter for the iPhone 5/5s. It is a smartphone adapter for taking photographs and recording videos through optics (which beats trying to hold the phone up behind a pair of binoculars and hoping for the best). SWAROVSKI OPTIK's PA-i5 adapter for iPhone 5/5s, turns long-range optical devices into telephoto zoom lenses in one motion so it's easier to readily capture outdoor images at range (or from a distance, depending on how dangerous your subject matter is). The PA-i5 adapter for iPhone 5/5s from SWAROVSKI OPTIK allows just about any user to produce top-quality photos and videos that previously would have required more expensive, fragile, frequently cumbersome photography equipment. Your iPhone, a SWAROVSKI OPTIK and a spotting scope are hardly more cumbersome or complex than just having the iPhone and scope together themselves.

Typing SWAROVSKI OPTIK repeatedly makes us feel like we're shouting. Sorry about that.


PA-i5 Adapter on Optik

The assembly process is quick and easy; simply attach the adapter to the relevant eyepiece cup. Suitable adapter rings are available for a wide variety of SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scopes and binoculars. If the adapter ring is removed after digiscoping, the remaining aluminum frame will still provide protection for your iPhone in everyday use. The size will make it easy to keep your phone in any of your pockets without any protruding components getting caught.

The adapter is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s and with the following binoculars and spotting scopes from SWAROVSKI OPTIK: CL Companion, EL family (32, 42, 50 mm), new SLC family (42, 56 mm), EL Range, ATX/STX, ATS/STS, and ATM/STM. All the operating features of the iPhone®* are available while using the adapter and the specially designed strap ensures the iPhone is secure. The adapter in March 2014. You can get more information at

PA-i5 Ring

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