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Mantis Knives “Vicious Circle”

We stumbled across the Mantis Knives Vicious Circle “necklace-knife” (for lack of a better term) today at the USN Gathering, initially mistaking it for the Cyclops knives made by Grant & Gavin Hawk. Though the Vicious Circle was designed by Hawk Knife Designs, it's smaller than the Cyclops and is made by Mantis.

Mantis Vicious Circle 5Mantis Vicious Circle 2Mantis Vicious Circle 1Mantis Vicious Circle 4

Mantis Vicious Circle 3

You can learn more about the Vicious Circle (or buy one) right here. They frequently have them for purchase on Instagram (@hawkknives) and also their Facebook page.

You can find Mantis Knives online here or subscribe to their YouTube channel here. Learn more about Hawk Knife Designs right here.

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