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Saturday Night Blade Porn – MartinSheaths

Tonight we're not looking at the blades themselves – we'll be looking at some gorgeous ways to carry one. You can thank Martin Swinkels for that.

Swinkels built his very first knife sheath back in 2008. He was dissatisfied with the factory and aftermarket sheaths he'd been using in the military and during his outdoor activities. The first sheath he created was the Ratweiler, which generated substantial, immediate interest. That encouraged Martin to make more. That eventually led us (thankfully) to where he is today – running his company, MartinSheaths, and building great gear.

MartinSheaths uses kydex as the sheath liner with an outer layer of self-tanned leather for looks and durability. He focuses on several key points, including a drainage hole, retention, weight, belt loop, etc, to ensure each sheath is “innovative, high quality [and] heavy duty”.  Check out some of these beauties. Contact information below, but be advised – there is a lot of traffic on the net indicating he is largely incommunicado. Might be a good idea to establish comms with him before purchasing a sheath – unless you just happen to be in the Netherlands and can drop by.

Bailey Raven Tech  Sheath 2012

Bark River Bravo Sheath

Bark River Gunny Horizontal Sheath 2012

Berts Sheath

Bravo 1F

Busse Hell Razor Pancake Techinical

Custom F-1 technical sheath 2012

Leatherman Techincal Pouch

Terzuola Century Starfighter Pouch

Crusader Forger Oberland SheathYou can learn more about MartinSheaths on their facebook page and how to order on their website.

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