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Marty Hayes joins Panteao lineup

Panteao Productions has advised Marty Hayes, President of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, has joined their lineup of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). Mr. Hayes is a former LEO who has been widely recognized for his expertise in murder, manslaughter, assault and self-defense cases. He is the Training Director and President of the Firearms Academy of Seattle who has appeared many times on the stand as an expert witness. You can see what he has to say not just on Panteao, but also on the award-winning TV program The Best Defense, where he provides legal commentary.

Find webinars hosted by Mr. Hayes right here.

This announcement comes soon after word Panteao added Mr. Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts as an instructor and word that they'll soon have a Roku channel to increase availability. Panteao clearly has no intention of slowing down.

Marty Hayes-Panteao1

Find Panteao Productions online here, on Facebook here, on Google + here or on Instagram here. You can also find them on Pinterest (it's weird seeing Paul Howe and Mike Lamb on there, eh?) or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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