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Matt Graham – Judgement, Guns & Taking Ownership

Matt Graham of Graham Combat recently wrote a great post on his Tradecraft blog: Taking Ownership.

“People want to carry guns without recognizing the bigger responsibility – just like having kids – that comes with it. It’s not a simple choice. I’m more impressed by people like you that know what they don’t know and then seek out a way to find that knowledge than by those who hide behind their false sense of identity. And like parenting: there are no absolutes. You just have to take it as it comes, follow a set of principles, and make the best choice you can at the time.

People see carrying a gun as a task and it’s not. It’s deeper. They want if “A” then “B”, almost like teaching someone to drive. But guns are exponentially more complex because there aren’t any rules – which is where most people get hung up, especially in force on force. You have to be able to function outside of rules because the whole dynamic isn’t governed by rules. It’s chaos. So how do you manage chaos? You follow a set of principles (which can also change) and make the best choice you can.”

You can read the rest of the article – and Matt's principles – right here on Graham Tradecraft.

Photo credit – JM Disspain Photo Art.

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