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Matt Graham – shooting on the move

“We're not just here making noise, it's not about making noise. It's about getting hits…Each of you was walking long before you got here to me today – and you were doing it moderately successfully…Don't make this more than it is. All you're doing is shooting on the move.” Matt Graham

RECOILweb will have some writers training with Graham Combat in a few months so we thought we'd share a video where he discusses his philosophy and apparent pragmatism when it comes to one frequently discussed (sometimes over-thought) part of shooting.

Please let us know in the comments below if there is another organization you'd like to see us look at. We currently have plans to send writers and/or photographers to a few different places, including Graham Combat (seen above) and Shivworks. RECOILweb editor David Reeder is a believer in casting his training nets far and wide “…lest we become hollow-eyed and inbred, tactically speaking.” Any input is welcome.

Graham Combat on the range

(More on Matthew Graham's Graham Combat here on Facebook.)

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