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Article 15 Clothing behind the scenes

As some of you well know, MBest11x did a commercial video recently for Article15 clothing. What some of you might know is that RECOIL was behind the scenes. Believe us when we say- Matt Best is just as funny in person as he is in his videos.

Some behind the scenes info for you: most of the cameos featured in the video put a lot of time, and we mean a lot of time overseas with extremely specialized units hunting bad guys on behalf of assorted coalition forces and some JSOC SMUs; so this was basically an entire video of patriotic bad-assery and “tits for men”.

“You can buy boobs but not a personality.”

Check out our behind the scenes videos below and watch the finished commercial here.

Behind the scenes in progress

Behind the scenes period

Behind the scenes shirtless

Behind the scenes with camera

Behind the scenes ART15


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