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MDFI: Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute Franchises for 2017

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MDFI, a Michigan based training company, has offered professional instruction to civilians, law enforcement and military since 2007. More recently it has become increasingly involved in Second Amendment and related firearm-related political issues.  More recently still, they've begun “franchising” their courses out to other states — including North Carolina and Indiana.

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MDFI Update: Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute Franchises for 2017

Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI) offers sound, effective and professional training to create a citizenry that is competent and confident in their chosen defensive disciplines. We believe that by building a solid defensive foundation, our students will be prepared for the possibility of using force, life-saving tools and their skills to get them through any bad situation that may arise. Holding true to the fact that no situation is the same, MDFI courses are void of the dogma of “our way or the highway”.

MDFI practise house

“This Isn’t Tactical Training. Our Goal Is To Help Prepare You For Every Day Life. “

Catering to the beginner and the experienced defensive student alike, MDFI staff will work to ensure that all participants walk away with the benefits of professional training, evaluation and feedback.

MDFI shooting practise

For 2017, if you are looking to get into one the incredible popular MDFI “You Suck! It's Not The Gun!” or YSINTG classes, you don't need to be bummed if you can't make it to Michigan to train with Trek and his cadre. Listed as their “Core” handgun class, MDFI describes the class as, “This class takes pistol shooting back to the basics. In an attempt to focus on the defensive use of a handgun, many classes do not focus a great deal of time on the ability to place a bullet precisely where the shooter wants it to go. This class is aimed at fixing that. After this class, most students show drastic improvement in their pistol shooting accuracy.”

MDFI Training

“I am incredibly happy to announce that folks in the states of North Carolina and Indiana can now join the likes of our friends at SOLO Defense and the Muncie Threat Assessment Center (MTAC) to take what I feel is a ‘must' for new and veteran shooters alike.”

For 2016, MDFI had a 95% class fill rate for the entire year with 100% of both their Foundation Handgun and YSINTG booking completely.

MDFI training session on back

“For 2017, we have added two times the amount of student spots and already, 40% of them are filled. Having our YSINTG franchise partners makes sense so we can offer great info through folks that understand our teaching style, absolute dedication to safety, and goals when it comes to developing responsibly-armed citizens,” Trek stated.

As part of the agreement, SOLO Defense will have the exclusive rights to teach the course in the whole of North Carolina and MTAC all of Indiana. MTAC, an indoor UTM facility.

MDFI Training shooting

A custom YSINTG course: “YSINTG UTM” that takes into account specific differences from live ammunition yet still allows students to benefit as much as possible compared to a live fire class. MTAC will be offering the class where in the cost, all training weapons and ammunition required are included with the tuition as well.

The MTAC and SOLO cadres go through a MDFI-led YSINTG Train-The-Trainer course to ensure that should you take the class in Michigan with MDFI, or with SOLO Defense or MTAC, that the students will leave with the skills and next training steps needed.

For those looking for the opportunity to take a YSINTG class around the country, keep an eye out for class listings at SOLO Defense and MTAC. MDFI's 2017 season registrations are already open and filling fast.

MDFI training session

Additionally, becoming a MDFI Alumni comes with lots of benefits – such as lifetime discounts on training, gear giveaways, special events and others.

To learn even more about MDFI, visit their website.

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