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Meanwhile, in Australia

It's cold across most of the US. Snow, ice, frigid temperatures…it's almost enough to make you resent Billabong for posting this. (Almost, but not quite.)

Says Billabong of the cover photo above,'

“You wake up unsure if the surf will be epic, but you head to the spot anyway. You arrive, park, jump out and, as you start the walk to the lookout, you can hear the rumble of a huge swell. You and your whole crew break into a slow jog. You walk up to the lookout over the lip of the dunes, catch your first glimpse and it just cripples you – fits of laughter and hoots, high 5's, the world's quickest Wetty change and your out there!!! All surfers know this feeling… We were lucky to feel it on this day!” Dave Rastovich by Duncan McFarlane for ‪#‎BillabongWetsuits‬

You can learn more about Billabong USA here online ( or follow them on Instagram right here (#billabong or #TheBillabongDaily). They are also on Facebook and have both YouTube and Vimeo channels. If that doesn't work for you, follow them on Twitter or Google +.

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