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Meanwhile in Kiev

Robert Beckhusen wrote an interesting article over on War is Boring a few days ago. In it he discuss the use of technology during the protests and riots. We've seen technology used in public anti-government protests before. The blogosphere and even national news media was agog with how Twitter, Facebook and others helped do everything from rallying support for massive public demonstrations (remember Egypt?) to coordinating anti-government military operations (as they did in Libya).

Beckhusen, however, talks medieval tech – where police units utilized Roman Legion formations to move safely through streets alive with hurled objects, home-made munitions and Molotov cocktails. We've seen some of this “adhocery” or field expedient primitive artillery for some time now in Syria. Perhaps social media is helping spread that too.

Reuters image by Andrew Kravenchko Ukrainian riot police on fire

CNN News Image Ukrainian protesters with catapult

Getty image by Anatolii Boiko Ukrainian police for a tetsudo

None of what he writes is necessarily “breaking news” to those people who have following events in Ukraine, but if you haven't it's certainly a nice summary: Read the article in its entirety here.

You should also take a moment to watch this bagpiper playing during the madness. Just because.

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