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MGI Newsletter Contest: Win a Hydra MARCK-15

Touted as the first “truly modular rifle system”, the MGI Hydra is described as the “completely modular development of the AR platform. [It] allows the civilian the most versatile firearm on the planet. The availability to switch between more calibers then any other rifle in under 2 minutes, as well as allowing the user to change between barrel lengths and calibers in about 20 seconds, which allows for anything from switching a sub gun into a carbine or even a full blown rifle. One licensed firearm with infinite configurations…”

MGI is owned by Mack W. Gwinn, Jr. He is an Army veteran with a long and storied career in the firearms industry.

The contest simply requires signing up for the MGI newsletter on their website (though be forewarned, functionality there is somewhat wonky and some internal links loop back to the original page). Everyone subscribed to the MGI newsletter is automatically entered in the contest: the winner will win a complete MARCK 15 HYDRA in .300 Blackout configuration (a $1299.00 value). The prize will include a Hydra modular lower receiver with AR mag well, QCB-D upper receiver and 16″ barrel. This is the foundation from which you can build a modular rifle in multiple calibers.

This video is a couple of years old but gives a good overview:

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