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Microtech Suppressors, Approved by the BATFE

Well-known knife manufacturer, Microtech, recently announced the BATFE has approved their modular suppressors. Microtech released the prototypes of the R2-K22 and R2-K9 suppressors earlier this year during the NRA Annual Meetings. We got the rundown of the suppressors from Tony Marfione, CEO of Microtech, during the show:

Microtech said, “Our proper forms were submitted for design approval to the Department of Justice about 8 months ago and we have been waiting for the green light ever since. As of October 30, 2017, our submission for our modular design was approved.”

The Microtech R2 suppressors are largely constructed of titanium and sports 17-4 stainless steel for the mounts. Though the R2-K9 is a modular silencer, the baffles themselves are contained in the bodies during the swap– no dropping or misplacing baffles here. Each Microtech silencer will come with a custom hard case, two pistons (one in 1/2×28 and the other in 13 1/2x1LH), and all required assembly/disassembly tools.

Microtech suppressors 3

At full length, the R2-K22 is 6.5 inches long, and Microtech tells us it achieved a decibel reduction of 42.69dB. For the Kurz (K) configuration at 4.14 inches, Microtech reports a 27.63dB reduction. Of course being 9mm, the R2-K9 is a bit larger and louder. At the full length of 8.63 inches Microtech says a 34.92dB reduction with subsonic ammunition. In ‘K' configuration, 26.83dB for the same. The MSRP R2-K22 is $675, and for R2-K9 is $1250.

The weight of each unit is:

  • R2-K9 Full assembly – 11.52oz
  • R2-K9 K Configuration – 9.05oz
  • R2-K22 Full assembly – 6.25oz
  • R2-K22 K Configuration – 4.18oz

Microtech suppressors 2

When asked about the reason for the new Microtech suppressor line, Marfione said, “We have done well in the knife industry. We strongly believe we can join the ranks in the firearms industry to continue to prove with modern manufacturing, materials and of course the willingness to not settle for anything less than what our innovation can bring to the table. I wish to prove only that end users don’t have to settle for the norm. Our mission is to continue to innovate.”

To learn more about Microtech, go to:


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