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Mission Essential: MTM Watches

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We like a rugged watch, particularly one that resembles a Sherman tank. That’s why Multi-Time Machine (MTM) watches caught our attention. With looks must come function, and MTM watches are no exception.

MTM watches contain features such as a UV blood detector, built-in Geiger counter, and emergency strobes. Extremely durable, the watches are one of the few brands to exceed all standard of the watch MIL-SPEC requirements. Experienced in using military watches overseas, I was eager to get my hands on a watch and see what all the fuss was about.

About MTM

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, MTM has been around for over 25 years creating tactical timepieces for the watch industry. Founded by Israeli Special Forces veteran Joe Casis, the company is deeply rooted in providing solutions for the military. Upon moving to the United States, Joe knew he wanted to apply his military background with technology in an industry that was rapidly growing.

“Every MTM product has a reason for being,” says Casis. “We do not follow trends, we follow needs of who buys our watches. We have never looked for the next bestseller, we only looked for the next best solution for a particular mission. I believe that’s why MTM flourished and why ultimately, we have many military personnel and first responders who are our brand champions.”

Casis knew there was a need for a durable and functional watch for a variety of missions. Understanding first hand the problems encountered on the battlefield, Casis and his team work closely with military personnel on design. “They are the ones who drive our brand and the development,” says Casis. “These groups are our R&D department. We create new ideas based upon their feedback and needs.” Through expansive R&D, and user evaluations, MTM began creating several collections of high-tech fortified watches for any problematic mission.

The Watch

At their foundation, every MTM military watch is designed and produced according to the stringent requirements and standards of MIL-SPEC (MIL-W-4637). This testing protocol is not for the faint of heart. MIL-SPEC is designed to push the watches to the brink of failure. In essence, to break them. Therefore, only the most durable watches are afforded the right to bear the MIL-PRF-46374G marking on the back.

Watches must pass a series of tests to include vibration, shock, water resistance, water leakage, altitude, salt, perspiration, and readability in total darkness. One specific test for shock, the watch is dropped from a height of 50 cm, uncontrolled, onto vinyl tile 3 mm thick affixed to concrete block. If that test doesn't seem like enough, watch below:

As MTM began to push into the military category, several unique technologies were born. MTM created the world's first military watch with LED illumination and torchlight. This proprietary LED illumination system provides both internal illumination for dial visibility and external illumination. In the external light mode, three small LEDs embedded in the 12 o'clock, 4 o'clock, and 8 o'clock positions emit one of the brightest lights ever offered in a watch. This light is visible up to 1 mile (1.6 km) in the dark. It can be used for reading maps, signaling, and survival in the dark.

The MTM Falcon watch has the most robust light system. The watch includes the 3 bright white LED torch lights but also an emergency strobe light. Powered by a rechargeable lithium ION battery rated at 10 years, the MTM Falcon has five different light mode sequences for emergency, and even diving.

To maintain the LED power, MTM has a unique recharging system without the need to open the case or change the battery. This electromagnetic induction system affords the user easy recharging and can last up to 30 days when fully charged.

MTM has gone beyond these patented technologies and created some very unique mission specific watches. With a case and band made from solid aeronautical grade titanium,  The Vulture features 12 UV lights that can assist in detecting blood at a crime scene or counterfeit currency. The RAD is the first watch to measure harmful ionizing radiation through a Geiger-Müller tube. The watch contains a Geiger counter that measures single-dose gamma-ray levels and cumulative exposure over time.

In honor of the Sherman tank used in WWII, MTM created the SHERMAN 3-GER a ball bearing track-inspired band. Each band link is CNC machined from solid titanium and connected via machined and polished sapphire or ruby ball bearings, rather than standard pins. Echoing their function for a tank, the ball bearings set between the bracelet’s links reduce the friction between the links, minimizing wear and tear on the bracelet. Only 340 of the SHERMAN have been made.

A new release, the MTM STATUS is an extremely durable smartwatch with analog hands that doubles as a compass. With a couple pushes of a button, your watch instantly becomes a compass. In a growing age of smartwatches, the MTM STATUS can be paired to their proprietary watch App.

I've worn a wide variety of watches in my military career, but MTM truly goes beyond with respect to function, durability, comfort, and customization. A watch can often be a reflection of your personality, and nothing says ‘prepared' or ‘formidable' like the MTM collection of watches.

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