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High Speed Gear Inc. has finally released a morale patch featuring one of the most utilitarian and ruggedly constructed modular magazine pouches you can get – the TACO. The patch was designed for HSGI by Webtechgear and is produced by Combat Swag (making it an impressive love child indeed). The new rubberized PVC patch will be available in Urban Grey or MultiCam; it is backed with hook Velcro and will come individually wrapped. Made in the USA; retails for $6.

Though the first iteration of the patch features and AR style magazine, stand by for further. Because of the unique nature of the TACO, they will be able to make morale patches featuring AK mags,

If you're not familiar with the TACO, Soldier Systems Daily discusses it here, Lock'n'Load Radio discusses it here and Gear Scout explains it here.

TACO in action:



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