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Moderation Nation – Fight on your feet or die on your knees

Live with urgency. Everything in this world is a fight. That is, says Terence Mitchell, how worlds are conquered.

“This is how new worlds are conquered, previous limitations exceeded and the lives of men changed for the better as they forge ahead with a relentless resolve. These are the men history remembers. The very men who were obsessed almost to the point of madness with achieving their objectives and fulfilling their destinies…while on the other hand the memories of more moderate men who chose to live moderate lives have long ago faded into obscurity. History does not remember their names and neither should we.”

We reckon a lot of people could learn from this. It's easy to become lethargic, complacent or even too early satisfied.

“The most wretched creature is the man who lives without urgency. The man who idles away his time waiting for permission from the world to grab his own balls, wield the hammer of independence and crack a few skulls in the process.”

You can read the rest of this treatise here.

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When you strip life away to the bare bones its pretty simple. You either chose to fight on your feet like a warrior or die on your knees like a slave.

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