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Monarch 3000 Stabilized Rangefinder by Nikon Optics

Written by Jacki Billings

Nikon Optics brings a new rangefinder into the fold, the Monarch 3000 Stabilized Rangefinder.

The Monarch 3000 Stabilized features optical image stabilization technology which is just a fancy way of saying that if you shake, the rangefinder’s image shouldn’t. According to Nikon, the tech reduces vibrations in the viewfinder by 80-percent with the added bonus of aligning the image with the laser. Stabilization begins as soon as the unit is powered on, offering 3,000 yard ranging.

Nikon equips the Monarch 3000 with Hyper Read technology — a system that pushes measurement to users in approximately 0.3-seconds. Nikon says Hyper Read’s quick measurements come in the specified time frame regardless of distance. Continuous measurements across an array of targets can be achieved by holding down the power button. Targets can be scanned for up to eight seconds.


The Monarch 3000 also corrects for incline/decline. “The Monarch 3000 Stabilized integrates Nikon’s ID Technology to take the angle out of your shooting equation–up to an incredible +/- 89 degrees,” Nikon expounded. “It also offers the ability to switch between First Target Priority Mode (reading of the closest target) or Distant Target Priority Mode (provides range to the furthest target through clutter, branches etc.)”


The rangefinder flaunts all this fancy tech, including distance at .1-yard increments, using Nikon’s new, red OLED reticle display. The variable intensity display is configurable with five brightness levels for contrast against various targets and backgrounds. Or, the automatic brightness setting can be selected instead of manually adjusting brightness throughout the day.

Peeking through the 6x monocular, users will find what Nikon says is fully multicoated optics with 18mm eye relief. The monocular offers a 7.5-degree field of view which the company says equates to faster target acquisition.


Though Nikon has jam-packed the device, the glassmaker says the package still achieves a lightweight and compact design. Weighing 6-ounces, the Monarch measures 3.8-inches by 2.9-inches by 1.7-inches.

Nikon’s waterproof Monarch Stabilized 3000 retailing for around $420.

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