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Monday Morning Gomez – G17 mags in smaller guns will get you killed?

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No, not so much. Not according to Paul Gomez of GTI anyway; you can read (and watch) his explanation below. It's important to ask questions of reputable sources before assuming Something Is. So. Conversely, it's incumbent upon us to respond to questions (or assertions) respectfully. Civil discourse is as under used in gun-related discussion as out of context snap judgments or (even worse) condescending, adversarial and frequently inaccurate declamations are over used — I'll cite recent, uninformed (even silly) web pontifications regarding pictures of Will Petty and earlier ones about Matt Graham (both on the range) as striking examples of this. I'll go into more detail later. In the meantime if you have a concern, don't rely on rumor or even well-intentioned “conventional wisdom.” Do some research, ask the questions and try to associate yourselves with people who aren't inclined to scoff with superiority; rather choose those who are willing to an intelligent and reasoned response. I personally like reading Primary & Secondary (on Facebook here), though unfortunately even there you'll see ego-driven or self-righteous asshattery on occasion.

Now, Paul Gomez of GTI on the use of larger Glock magazine in smaller frame pistols.

Glock 17 Mags in a Glock 19 Will Get You Killed?

Paul Gomez

Common knowledge on the internet (in social media, forums and the like) is that using a Glock 17 mag in a Glock 19 or Glock 26 will get you killed.

“The G17 mag,” they say, “is going to be overinserted into the 19 or the 26, tying up the gun and rendering it inoperable.”

This is not so.

Paul Gomez - G17 mags in smaller guns 1

That problem does exist with single column magazines. If you’ve got a full sized 1911 magazine and you’re running it in a subcompact 1911 yes, that’s why when you look a those magazines you’ll see some kind of stop plate welded onto the foreward edge of the larger magazine to fit into a smaller gun. The mag well and the ejection port are the same dimension. You cannot have that problem on a double column gun.

The theory is the magazine can be overinserted, tying up the gun.

Paul Gomez - G17 mags in smaller guns 2

As you can see, the G17 magazine did not tie up this G19, despite the additional magazine uncovered by the removal of part of the grip.

Lock the Glock 17 magazine into the weapon, slide locked to the rear. This particular pistol is a Glock 19 with part of the lower mag well cut away, exposing even more of the magazine. Now, try to tie up the gun—you will not be able to. You can beat the magazine against a hard surface and it will not tie up the gun. Beat it a dozen times, then attempt to drop the slide. It will drop.

Now, take a Glock 17 magazine and insert it into a Glock 26; lock it in and lock the slide to the rear and attempt to drive the magazine too far into the weapon. Beat it a dozen and a half times against a wooden post. You will still be able to drop the slide.

Paul Gomez - G17 mags in smaller guns 4

“Show me the problem.”

This is not an issue with Glocks. It’s not an issue with double column magazines in general. It can be a problem with single column magazines.



Photo credits unknown – used here with respect.

Any inaccuracies or awkwardness in “translating” the raw video to “article-like” format are mine alone. DR

The late Paul Gomez 2

Though the GTI YouTube channel has not been updated in years it is well worth reviewing (there's a reason it's called Gun Training for Thinkers). You can do that here. To continue in the tradition of thinking and learning the late Paul Gomez espoused (and to help support his children) you should consider checking out Paul-E-Palooza. 2015's event will the 3rd iteration of the memorial training benefit; it will be held near Garrettsville, OH August 15th and 16th. You can rest assured any money spent to get there and participate will be well worth the expense – instructors and attendees alike will be a wish list of industry professionals. Read an AAR of last year's Paul-E-Palooza right here. You can learn more about this year's Paul-e-Palooze here:

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