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Monsters – Dark Continent Goliath

This one is more Lovecraft than Toho but it looks pretty good. My guess is there will be some who actually like this better than the recent Godzilla movie (myself included). It looks like there's the potential for some great special effects here, and the military aspect of it reflects some good technical consulting (not a huge suprise, since CK Redlinger and Mission X had a big hand in that). They certainly appear to have done a good job with the sense of scale. I'm looking forward to this one – Lovecraftian kaiju-like monsters combined with operations downrange in the sandbox? What's not to like?

Monsters: Dark Continent Goliath (formerly listed as Monsters: Dark Continent) is the Vertigo Films sequel to Gareth Edwards' 2010 directorial debut Monsters. It was directed by Tom Green. A few things are a little unclear at first look, including the title (Africa is typically called the “Dark Continent”) and insurgent subplot. I'll get some clarification on that and other questions soon.

It appears to be bound only for UK theaters at this point – hopefully that will change.

Monsters Dark Continent 2

Here's a look at the previous trailer.


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