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Morale Patch Monday – Operators, Doge Hounds and Valhalla Tickets

The “Brick Operator V2 draws its inspiration from the movie Full Metal Jacket and everyone's favorite stackable, buildable toy (the ones that double as caltrops when left by your kid on the carpet). You can get a Brick Operator V2 here at Always Outnumbered.

Assuming you keep up with pop culture and current memes, you might consider a DOGE HOUND patch. This is of course the most operationally operational of canines.

Morale Patch Monday - Doge Patch

And, lastly, for those of you who fancy ogling the valkyrja while sharing some adult beverages with the einherjar, there's the Valhalla Entry Ticket. You can get the Valhalla ticket from 2A Athletics, and it's okay if you've never heard of the Heimskrinkgla. Get that patch here.

Valhalla Ticket

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