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More KeyMod from Vltor

While the debate is still ever raging among Keymod and MLOK supporters (even within our own ranks), Vltor keeps bringing new products to the table. I own a bit of both and so far, no blackhole has opened up in my gun safe (but they are staring each other down). 

The new Vltor is a step away from the norm. 5 rows of Keymod (2,3,6,9,10 o'clock) with a continuous top rail. The bottom has a nice flat profile for increased stability when firing from a supported position (such as a sandbag).

The top rail is monolithic, giving you incredibly rigid mounting. The bottom of the rail can be removed to attach an M203 without the need to reconfigure or swap out the rest of the rail. Some of the new Vltor in-house accessories include QD sling swivels and Surefire Scout mounts

There are also slimline rail covers which are available plain or with short pieces of  rail attached for conventional accessory anchoring if desired.

I am told that heat dissipation is unparalleled with this forend, due to an excellent stainless heat sink. Looking forward to seeing more of this line.

Of course, they also had a couple of decked out FN SCARs in tow. Here is a picture detailing their popular modular SCAR extension, which can be scaled up or down depending on your barrel length.

Can't wait to see what else Vltor brings to the table.

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