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More Mounting Options for SilencerCo

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If you've followed the suppressor industry for even a short period of time, you've no doubt heard tales of SilencerCo Saker cans flying downrange. This would happen if one didn't align the silencer with the index notches and allow the can to drop in place prior to tightening. It would still make the ratcheting noise and feel tight, even though it wasn't fully mounted. Proper attachment doesn't take too terribly long, but you do have to pay attention.

While one could chalk this up to user error, it was enough of an eyesore that SilencerCo discontinued their Trifecta mounts at the end of 2016. Since January 2017, SilencerCo has only been producing the Saker ASR–which as you can tell from the name, utilizes their ASR mount.

And the internet was happy!
Well, no.

In December 2016, Dead Air announced their Key-Mo adapters. These would allow someone to use Dead Air muzzle devices with SilencerCo cans–especially useful if you have silencers from both companies.

Rolling from the opposite direction is Liberty Silencers, who have adapters so their suppressors can be used with SilencerCo or YHM devices.

Making adapters for fitting company X silencer on company Y's muzzle device isn't exactly new; it's been done in some form ever since QD attachments became a thing.

Area 419, a shop that specializes in long range precision bolt action rifles, released a modular muzzle device called the Hellfire in 2016. What made the Hellfire stand out was not that they could be self-timed without tools (they can), but that attachments were available to adapt a Hellfire to a number of suppressors, from ThunderBeast and Crux to the Saker and Omega.

And most recently, Q released a SilencerCo Omega adapter for use with their Cherry Bomb muzzle devices called the Plan-B.
We have little doubt that mounting adapters are coming anywhere close to a natural end–right now there are several companies competing to be the new standard. Until something fleshes out though… it's going to look a bit like this:

As of today, the two main contenders for a universal mount QD mount would be between Dead Air and Gemtech.

The Gemtech bi-lock mount is used by Gemtech (duh), GSL Technologies, CMMG, and NEMO. The Dead Air Key-Mo adapters fit directly into the KG Made Rogue 30, as well as some from Energetic Arms.

Will there ever be one mount to rule them all? Or will a hodge-podge of parts proliferate? Time will tell.

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