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More on the Ruger American pistol

This might well be one of the few inexpensive polymer, striker-fired pistols worth spending your money on: the Ruger American Pistol. Available in 9mm or .45 Auto, it's equipped with all-steel Novak LoMount Carry 3-Dot sights, ambi slide stop and mag release, adjustable grip insertes and a barrel cam intended to reduce recoil. The Ruger American has a stainless slide, barrel and chassis and is similar to the Sig P320. It has a low center of gravity, a low bore axis and no magazine disconnect (so it will fire without a magazine inserted). Magazines are 17 and 10 rounds respectively. So far is performing very well indeed.

Ruger describes it as they “most advanced pistol they've ever made.” It's definitely the best duty style pistol from Ruger to date – we'll see how it holds up to extensive use.

Ruger American Pistol 3

MSRP is $579 for both models. We're betting they're available to buyers for a substantially lower number.

Note that a couple of our sources at Ruger say they've had samples that withstood 27,000 rounds of +P, so our expectations are high. You might also notice the box, which is designed for all potential variants. The spot where the gun itself is sized for a what appears to be a long slide with a suppressor barrel – what do you suppose that means?

We'll bring you more in RECOIL Issue 24.




Ruger American A9 Pistol
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Ruger American Pistol 2

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