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MRS: Magnetic Retention Systems for Load Bearing Equipment

There was some news and pictures of an interesting modular piece for load bearing equipment floating around late last year and early this year, then we didn't hear much more about them. Recently more pictures of the MRS from ‘Vulcan Tactical' have reappeared and they're worth a look. The MRS (Magnetic Retention System) attaches easily with loops or PALS compatible strips. They're made in the USA and apparently come in both a nylon and kydex version, utilizing powerful magnets to hold metal objects securely to your gear…unfortunately the website is down, and its Facebook page hasn't been updated since January of this year.

The MRS was apparently designed to grab onto partially expended magazines, possibly with the advantage of recovering them more quickly than could be done from a dump pouch or a pocket. Naturally it could also be used to help secure a slung weapon, keep a multi-tool/flashlight/handcuffs staged or at the ready. Though it's obviously not designed to hang onto anything under the violent conditions of a fight, we can certainly see some applications for field use, vehicular operations and the like (though it might not be the best thing to have around if orienteering with a traditional lensatic compass).

Attempts to contact the manufacturer have thus far been unsuccessful though further effort will be made. RECOIL would appreciate it if any readers having experience with the MRS, or knowing anything about the designer/manufacturer, would let us know in the contents section.

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3 responses to “MRS: Magnetic Retention Systems for Load Bearing Equipment”

  1. Owen says:

    Thanks for posting a picture of my zippo! I have been talking with the guys at Vulcan for a while and they are trying to bring product to market, unfortunately they are all “active” and spend the majority of their time on duty. I’ll do my best to get you guys some more updated info.
    Owen Martin
    Snake Hound Machine

  2. gabe says:

    I have a contact for the MRS guy.

  3. John B says:

    RECOIL… I had the pleasure of T&E’ing one of the MRS prototypes and it is a great piece of kit. At the time, I was assigned to a Narcotics Unit and I kept my primary set of cuffs mounted on the MRS. On the range it is indeed very easy to throw (yes, you can literally throw a magazine at it) partial and/ or empty magazines at the MRS instead of trying to work them into a dump pouch. It is a great and versatile piece of gear. The creator is aware of the article, you guys can probably expect contact soon!

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