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MS Clean 2.0

RECOIL Contributor Peter Palma originally developed the MS Clean last year, to an enthusiastic response (and more than a little furor from people who – incorrectly – thought it was meant to be carried in or near a primary source of ammunition); well, cue a repeat of the outrage. The MS Clean 2.0 is now available. It's easy to carry on a pack or armor, is built to withstand punishment, is long enough to contain steel rods for proper barrel clearing capability and can be used in a number of ways (storage of store small parts, as a solvent tray, etc.).

The new “double” MS Clean will fit in any commonly found double magazine pouch and can also be used for a number of functions (IFAK, survival kits, etc.). All reward levels are designed to be made as donations, which will send MS Clean kits to deployed personnel immediately.

Now, to be clear, nobody who isn't Windex-poisoned is suggesting you put the magazine shaped cleaning kit anywhere you might grab it during a fight – the whole point is to provide a rugged method of carry that can be stored or transported easily in already-ubiquitous magazine pouches and modular pockets.

You can learn more about the MS Clean 2.0 (and maybe back it…) here on Kickstarter. The original is online here and on Facebook here.

MS Clean

More on the MS Clean Kit from this video interview with Talking Lead last year:

As you can see, it will also hold more high priority cargo.

MS Clean - bacon

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