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Multicam Dream Overlander: Supercharged Long-Travel Tundra by Tactical Application Vehicles

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Photos By Matt Ritscher

Overlanding, as we know it these days, combines elements of long-distance travel, off-roading, exploration, and camping. The joys of the journey are just as important as the destinations, both known and unknown.

However, it’s become so popular and building rugged — or at least rugged-looking — overlanding vehicles so common that they’re often the butt of jokes, especially when their owners only use them for commutes and Starbucks runs.

That, however, isn’t the case for this 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5. Brian Sollom used to see and admire the truck around town; its original owner had installed some distinctive upgrades. Then, in 2017, Sollom stumbled across that same truck for sale at the local Toyota dealership and immediately bought it. Thus began his descent into the rabbit hole of off-roading and overlapping.

FiftyTen's full-size camping system with pop-up rooftop tent is roomy and comfortable.

His never-ending quest to upgrade the truck began with MULE Expedition Outfitters in Washington installing a rooftop tent, ARB compressor and rear locker, and Dometic gear. Then, Sollom hit the trails, at one point nearly rolling the truck off a mountain on the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route.

After more adventures and with empty-nester status fast approaching, it was time for Sollom’s dream build, and he dropped off the Tundra with Tactical Application Vehicles of New Mexico at the beginning of 2021. We’ve featured TAV builds before in CARNIVORE Issue 6 and RECOIL Issue 54. Sollom’s goal was a supremely capable truck with a tray/canopy system that he could live in. 

Unfortunately, thanks to COVID, supply chain, and other timing issues, it ended up taking two whole years to complete the build. But what a build it turned out to be. 

It’s a big, heavy beast, so the drivetrain is appropriately beefy, with a Magnuson supercharger bolted on to the 5.7-liter V-8 — it’s a thirsty monster, so an oversized 46-gallon fuel tank from Transfer Flow helps claw back range. 

The supercharged 5.7L V-8, Total Chaos long-travel kit, and King shocks make this Tundra supremely capable.

The front and rear differentials are re-geared with 5.29-ratio Nitro Gear ring and pinions, driving the 17×8.5-inch black Method 704 wheels and chunky 37×12.50 Toyo MT tires. The vehicle is also recalibrated for the larger rubber, so the speedometer and odometer read accurately, another example of TAV’s attention to detail. Additionally, ARB air lockers front and rear provide extra traction when needed.

TAV has dialed in long-travel suspension setups for Tundras, enabling them to eat up terrain like a billy goat and to support the weight of expedition-style buildouts. TAV’s Stage 3 package increases width by 2.5 inches on either side. 

The long-travel kit from Total Chaos Fabrication with upper and lower control arms makes it possible, along with King Shocks remote reservoir coilovers and bypass shocks with high-speed compression adjusters and custom valving, progressive Alcan Spring leaf springs, and Archive Garage hardware, all tuned to TAV’s specs.

A big reason that pickups are so versatile is the truck bed in the rear, allowing for a multitude of cargo-hauling applications. However, for a purpose-built vehicle like this Tundra, the walls of the bed get in the way, and you don’t need the rear tail gate. 

The mix of white and amber Baja Designs lights are carefully configured for optimal coverage.

A flatbed-style system is more effective and efficient, though very spendy. TAV removed the pickup bed and installed a flatbed tray from FiftyTen out of Germany, which makes use of every available inch of space for lockable storage. 

On top of the tray goes FiftyTen’s full-size camping system, with a comfortable pop-up rooftop tent and an interior meticulously built out by Goose Gear. Large side hatches on both sides provide convenient access to the interior of the box and the cabinets, while a 3×3-foot rear door allows you to climb in. The floor plan includes a sink with hot water, benches, drawers, cabinets, adjustable table, water tank, and a Dometic refrigerator. 

An electrical compartment houses the breaker panel, power controllers, sine-wave inverter, and batteries. A Propex propane heater is ducted into the camper and keeps things warm on cold nights. Plus, an Alu-Cab awning with walls and shower cube, along with a hot shower hookup, make for a relaxing camp site. 

Up front is C4 Fabrication’s Tundra Hybrid front bumper, combining tube and plate construction to offer greater approach angles, clearance for large tires, and tons of mounting options for accessories. Indeed, TAV installed a Come Up winch with synthetic line and a veritable suite of Baja Designs lighting. 

The mix of white and amber lights are carefully arranged to point in specific directions with lens patterns to provide optimal coverage. Additional lighting is installed on the side and rear. They’re all controlled via an sPod BantamX switch panel and additional custom switches on the center console.

The huge 37s are tucked under McNeil Racing extended fenders for that girthy wide-body energy. TAV fabricated custom inner liners to maximize clearance so the truck doesn’t need to be any higher than necessary to optimize preload and travel. 

The undercarriage is armored with aluminum RCI skid plates to provide protection with less of a weight penalty. The spare tire and Rotopax containers for extra fuel are carried on a RIGd UltraSwing hitch mount, while a Pro Eagle off-road jack is tucked into a custom cradle underneath.

The entire truck and camper are wrapped in licensed MultiCam Black, printed at 300-percent scale by Image Craft to accentuate the pattern and applied by Revive Wraps in New Mexico. 

Sollom sought to evoke a military theme with this build; he spent nearly eight years at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. During his time at the Department of Defense, he worked closely with the military, including deploying overseas to work with Joint Special Operations Command during the GWOT years. 

He saw first-hand the bravery of service members who gave their lives for our country, as well as the sacrifices of their families. This touched Sollom deeply, and he tries to take the opportunity whenever bystanders inevitably are drawn to his towering MultiCam Tundra to chat about their service and sacrifice. 

TAV 2014 Toyota Tundra SR5


5.7L V-8 with Magnuson supercharger; six-speed automatic transmission; Nitro Gear & Axle 5.29 ring and pinion; ARB front and rear air locking differentials; Transfer Flow 46-gallon midship replacement fuel tank

Front Suspension

Total Chaos Fabrication plus 2.5-inch boxed long-travel kit, weld-on spindle gussets, lower control arm cam tab gussets, and dual shock hoops; King Shocks long travel remote reservoir coilovers with high-speed compression adjusters and 2.5-inch 3-tube bypass piggyback reservoir shocks with adjusters

Rear Suspension

King Shocks 3.0 reservoir with internal bypass and high-speed compression adjusters; Total Chaos Fabrication rear shock relocation kit and long travel Heim sway bar links; Archive Garage U-bolt flip kit and 1-inch shackle; TAV-spec Alcan Spring leaf springs

Wheels and Tires: 17×8.5-inch Method Race Wheels 704, 37×12.50R17 Toyo Open Country M/T 

Body Modifications

C4 Fabrication Tundra Hybrid front bumper with full-height bull bar; RCI skid plates and rock sliders; Come Up Seal Gen2 winch; McNeil Racing fiberglass fenders; Front Runner Slimline II roof rack (modified); Morimoto headlights

Flatbed Camper: FiftyTen flatbed tray and full-size camper system; Goose Gear CEO floor plan; Alu-Cab 270-degree Shadow awning, side wall kit, and shower cube; RIGd UltraSwing MegaFit spare tire hitch mount; Victron Energy power system; Dometic refrigerator; Propex propane heater


Baja Designs LP9 Pro, LP6 Pro, S2 Sport, S2 Pro, OnX6, Squadron-R Pro, XL Pro; sPod BantamX


Expedition Essentials recovery board quick mount, propane tank mount, and dash mount; Ravelco anti-theft device; weBoost cell phone signal booster; RAM Mounts mounts; Rugged Radios GMRS radio kit; DMOS Delta Pro shovel and mount; Tuffy center console safe; Zarges K470 aluminum storage case


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