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Multiple Reports of Glock Sear Arrests by ATF is mostly known for its knock-off garbage. In fact, there’s practically an entire YouTube industry surrounding reviewing the questionable products.

The top result of the search is a video called, People Who Deeply Regret Online Shopping, and then it expands further to undersized beauty masks or dresses that are little more than tablecloths.

For some time now, backplates that convert Glock handguns to machineguns have been available through the app from $12-$32 dollars. Some were advertised as airsoft parts, while others as legitimate 80% parts kits for licensed manufacturers, and some finally blatantly stated they were conversion kits.

Manufacturing new machineguns has been illegal for private American citizens since 1986, and prior to 1986 all the way back to 1934, it took $200 and an approved tax stamp before work could be completed (see a quick rundown here). The penalties are far more than a simple slap on the wrist too. It’s a felony that can amount to ten years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Many federal laws were broken by anyone who risked purchasing one of these parts–even the so-called “80 percent” ones were deemed far too complete to be in compliance.

And while you may believe that no one would be so dumb as to buy them, there has been a recent uptick of Chinese auto sear use in crimes. Most of these arrests stemmed from investigations of other crimes, like this man from PA who was arrested last fall, but it would only be a matter of time before the ATF figured out a way to track these purchases. And indeed they have.

We’ve received several reports of the ATF confiscating sears from licensed manufacturers who believed they were purchasing legitimate 80% backplates, and arresting and prosecuting individuals who purchased them. Arrests and confiscations started last week across the nation and will no doubt continue into the near future.

Here’s a news report from St Louis County, and another from Chicago–both on the same day. If you keep your eyes to the news, we fully expect several more arrests in the coming days.

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