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Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Have you ever heard of Mystery Ranch Backpacks? Prob'ly…but if not, we reckon you oughta check this out.

Here's some more of what they say.

Mystery Ranch Backpacks

Different from the get-go – Most backpack makers start with the packsack because that's what most customers look at first. They then cobble a pair of shoulder straps and a hip belt onto said “design.” The shape and aesthetic silhouette of the bag, the color palate, the shiny trims and bling features… these are their tier one considerations. The frame, harnessing, and related suspension are, for many backpack brands, tier two considerations. Which is to say, how the pack's load carries is an afterthought for most. At MYSTERY RANCH, how the load transfers and carries – over the long haul – is our #1 consideration. As Dana Gleason (our charismatic, mad-scientist founder) likes to say, “Some of our best ideas are born of fascinating problems.”

Mystery Ranch Lifestyle 3

With over four decades of design and manufacturing experience – coupled with simultaneous in-the-field testing and real-world hammering – we've learned a thing or two about load transfer, active framing and the importance of using only the most top-shelf materials. Here you'll find a detailed explanation of our Load Carriage credo, our patented custom fitting, as well as all of the time-tested design features and proven engineering that makes our packs the most comfortable and durable for the long haul.

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Face it; we live in a world with too many choices (backpacks included). As someone who wants or needs to carry heavy loads – for missions ranging from alpine cragging or backcountry elk hunts, to wildland firefighting or patrolling hostile terrain – we're here to help you cut through the noise. In short, we want you to understand the fundamental design ingenuity and load-bearing solutions that differentiate our backpacks from the others in the market.

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You've heard the adage, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Well, in our case, the necessity was fixing other peoples' gear (primarily backpacks) that had failed in the course of normal, in-the-field use. Our very first enterprise – dating back to 1975 – had us hunched over sewing machines, repairing blown out gear. From these humble roots, we learned a whole heck of a lot about where the “Achilles heels” existed in backpack design, materials, and manufacturing. With this foundation, we began making packs for ourselves and our friends. Our pack-focused enterprise grew out of these pragmatic, labor-of-love beginnings.

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Bottom line – we want you to better understand our backpacks: what makes them the most comfortable packs on the planet for big, awkward, changeable loads. What patented design elements make them easily customizable to fit you perfectly. And, what materials and trim components are thoughtfully chosen to make ours the most brick shithouse backpacks available. In essence, we want you to have a crystal clear understanding what makes our packs the premium choice in an often-blurry marketplace.

They design their packs to fit our varied lifestyles and have a patented system to distribute the load. If you need it, there is a fit guide to assist you in properly aligning the backpack to your body. Not only do you choose your style and color, you choose your size. Mystery Ranch has some videos and a new microsite. Here's a quick video to help you fit yours.

You can find them online here or connect with them on Facebook here.

*All images courtesy of Mystery Ranch Facebook Page.

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