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NavLight – Just Enough Light

Recently the staff of RECOIL received a few NavLights to T&E and provide feedback on. More on that in the future, but we’ll give you the details of the light to wet your whistle.

Specialized Tactical Systems (based out of Ogden, UT) is the manufacturer and distributor of the NavLight. It’s a new, patented, LED-driven lighting system for the military, outdoorsman or the average Joe. The light is designed to be utilized on a number of different platforms and is available with various mounting solutions. According to the crew at NavLight, it provides “Just Enough Light™” by operating at 1-5 lumens. They go on to explain that this amount of light is ideal for map reading, chamber checking, etc.

The light is available in red, white, blue, green and IR with a standard 12 hour battery life and a 120 hour battery life for red and IR. The light allows dimming, slow, medium & fast strobe settings, an SOS pattern and a mode for Morse Code.

The mounting solutions available are fairly extensive. They range from a Pic-rail type mount for a weapon-mounted option to a magnet/hook mount for your personal kit to an OpsCore ARC Rail mounting system for your ballistic helmet.

The NavLight retails for $38.99 with the magnet/hook mounting configuration. More information, options and details are available at

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