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Nerd Alert: Galac-Tac Tactical

Galac-Tac Tactical is going to lift up some hard-ons, and not just in the most dedicated nerds (I include myself in that number). This is some awesome stuff, courtesy of a sculptor-designer-artist named Ryan Flowers.

Ryan Flowers Galac-Tec Armor 4

Galac-Tech Helmet 1

Ryan Flowers Galac-Tec Armor 3

Galac-Tech Helmet 2Galac-Tech Helmet 3Ryan Flowers Galac Tac Armor 7

Ryan Flowers Galac Tac Armor 8

Ryan Flowers Galac Tac Armor 6

Flowers doesn't just build stuff to look awesome (though he definitely accomplishes that). He takes orders for custom builds and has some “in stock” to sell. There are a number of pieces available, including helmets (with rails and NVG mounts), chest and shoulder armor, gauntlets, jet packs and a wide array of customization options.

Asked how he makes the gear Flowers says,

“Sketch, clay sculpt, mold, cast, paint, distress, repeat!”

Ryan Flowers Galac-Tec Armor 2

You can learn more here at Galac-Tac online. You can also check out Ryan's stuff on Pinterest. Read up on the artist himself right here. There's a lot more cool stuff to look at (or buy). Go check it out.


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