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New 300BLK from Gemtech

Gemtech recently announced some new additions to your 300 Blackout options. Two of the new rounds are described as an “economical training round,” and a “lethal hunting round.” The last is built for accuracy. GemTech Ammo 2

First up is the supersonic 125gr Nosler 300BLK, with “…the smooth extraction and reliable feed that intense hunting action requires.” Second is their 147gr FMJ 300BLK, with projectiles from a single manufacturer. Last is a Sierra Match King Hollow Point Boat Tail in the company's new subsonic SMK 220gr HPBT 300BLK load. They advise it is designed to deliver the “…ballistic performance, accuracy and stopping power required of tactical professionals…”GemTech Ammo 3

More on Gemtech's website. Their ammunition can be found here .

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