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New Ambidextrous Charging Handle from Battle Arms Development

Battle Arms Development started teasing its new ambidextrous charging handle design back at SHOT Show earlier this year. And again at NRA in May. Finally, the detail-obsessed perfectionists at Battle Arms are nearing production and showed us these pre-production units at TriggrCon 2018 this past weekend.


The charging handle on an AR15-platform rifle can be the recipient of a lot of abuse, with shooters yanking and pulling on it in all different directions and ways, using it to mortar their rifles, and more. Yet the stock charging handle is only a small roll pin away from breaking. The latch and release are also on left side of the rifle, making it difficult to manipulate by wrong-handed shooters while keeping their left hand on fire control.

Battle Arms' new design intends to solve all those problems and more. While other strong and/or ambidextrous charging handles are available on the market, Battle Arms has put their own spin on the underlying mechanism.

Rather than a pivoting design, Battle Arms has a sliding design such that the latch moves sideways no matter which direction you yank on the handle. Please see the slideshow below, demonstrating the handle being pulled on either side:

Additionally, the handle protrudes outward from the rifle much less than it might appear, with comfortable rounded corners and a flat on the side. It feels comfortable against the body when slung and is easy to manipulate with your fingers or palm, and from the side or above.

Battle Arms is currently subjecting the pre-production design to torture tests before making it available for sale. They hope to begin shipping in the fall, with MSRP expected to be around $119. It'll initially be available in black, with other colors to come.

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