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New BCM VLTOR Gunfighter Charging Handle Comparison

Before I get into showing changes with the new revision of Bravo Company USA GUNFIGHTER charging handles, I have to first note that the following:

  1. Photos were taken with a freshly applied layer CLP on the charging handles and wiped down with a towel. Hence the shiny spots and lint.
  2. I'm far from what you'd like to even call an amateur photographer, so don't crucify me too much on it.

The BCM/VLTOR GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle is no stranger to the AR world, but recently BCM/VLTOR released a new revision of their tried and true charging handle. Many people will probably be shocked to hear that BCM/VLTOR updated their charging handle without much publicity, but the changes are fairly minor, purely cosmetic almost, so I can see why didn't didn't really publicize it much.

I myself didn't know that BCM/VLTOR introduced a new revision until after I had ordered a new charging handle, in preparation of my new AR build, on a whim. I started seeing scattered posts here and there on the various forums I lurk around, highlighting the changes. I'm not going to lie, I'm one of those guys that likes the latest and greatest, so that feeling of buyer's remorse started to creep over me. Part of me wished that I hadn't ordered so hastily and that I should've held out a little bit longer and done more research before ordering, but c'est la vie (such as life, for those that haven't heard that phrase before). I figured that I'd probably just get the old stock the vendor was trying to get rid of in preparation of the new revision.

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Revision BThe days went on and the feeling started to dwindle and I came to terms with my purchase. Besides, its not like it was a complete update, just a slight revision. Well the day finally came when my new charging handle arrived and low and behold, I had received the newest revision! Sweet!

So I gave it a quick rub with some CLP, wiped off as much as I could and took some photos to compare with my older revision BCM/VLTOR GUNFIGHTER Mod 4. Like I stated at the beginning, I probably don't even qualify as an amateur photographer, but I gave it a go anyways to share the changes.

BCM Gunfigher Charging Handles Top Comparsion

Here's a side by side, top view comparison shot of the charging handles, both BCM/VLTOR GFH Mod 4s. Newest revision on top.

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Upper Front View BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Old Upper Front View

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Upper Rear View BCM Gunfigher Charging Handle Old Upper Rear View

A view of the front and back of both charging handles. Notice the pronounced ridge on the new revision. While I'm not exactly positive on what it's purpose is, some say that it helps with gas blowback on DI (Direct Impingement) ARs. Fortunately for me, I don't need to worry about such things since my current AR is a superior LMT MRP gas-piston. Dang, did I just go there?!? I'm just messing around and not trying to ruffle up anyone's feathers here. I'm currently eyeing a BCM upper and KAC upper, both DI, for my 2 upcoming builds.

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Bottom Front View BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Old Bottom Front View

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Bottom Rear View BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Old Bottom Rear View

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Lower Side Comparison BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Rear View

Here's a view of the lower sections of the charging handles. Notice the 2 new ridges on the bottom of the new revision.

BCM Gunfigher Charging Handle Updated Side View BCM Gunfigher Charging Handle Old Side View

BCM Gunfigher Charging Handles Side Comparison

Side profile shots of the BCM/VLTOR charging handles.

BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Updated Installed Top Rear View BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Old Installed Top Rear View

Here are the BCM/VLTOR charging handles installed on my upper. Notice that the new revision is level with the top rail.

There you have it. If you've recently ordered a BCM/VLTOR GUNFIGHTER charging handle and are worried about getting an older revision, don't sweat it. It's still a solid product and you're not really missing much, at least as far as I can tell. Personally though, I do like the more rugged look of the newer revision.

You can also get a sneak peek at Bravo Company USA's lineup in their latest video by clicking HERE.

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2 responses to “New BCM VLTOR Gunfighter Charging Handle Comparison”

  1. Rob says:

    Wow, If I hadn’t read this article, I wouldn’t have realized that the charging handle I got last month was a new one too! This is the same charging handle Pat Rodgers talks about BCM working on in his ‘Make Ready’ dvd.

  2. paul says:

    I figured this out the other while shooting with a buddy who just put the new revision in. He goes, ” check out this bcm gunfighter”. I have one on one of my ar’s so i take a look and was really confused.

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