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The tiny weapon-mounted light that the Internet loves to hate is getting some upgrades. The original XC1 put 200 lumens in a package that fit flush with the snout of a Glock 19. Sure, back in 2004 200 lumens may as well been a floodlight, but in this day and age it’s far less than most people want. The new XC1-B pumps up the lumens by 50 percent for 300 lumens of output running off of a single AAA battery. No, an X300U-B it ain’t, but it’s a helluva lot smaller. In addition to the upgrade in brightness, the XC1-B has improved controls, including the ability to turn it to constant on with your firing hand instead of juggling it around awkwardly.

Make: SureFire
Model: XC1-BXC1-B
Output: 300 Lumens
MSRP: $299


Though you can’t use a laser to simulate the recoil of an actual gun, laser training allows a shooter to work on sight picture, sight alignment, and trigger squeeze inside the comfort of their homes. Unlike normal dry-firing, a laser gives you a “hit” on target. Unless you have a dedicated laser trainer like a SIRT, you’ve got to rack the slide every time to get that trigger pull. iMarksman launched a new product that automatically resets a Glock trigger (Gen 1-4) and also has the ability to actuate a laser training cartridge — all without cycling the slide. Essentially, this allows you to turn any Gen 1-4 Glock into a SIRT trainer.

Make: iMarksman
Model: Glock Resetting Trigger
MSRP: $175


Magpul is looking out for your backside. The company’s got a line of wallets made from its crazy strong, super thin, lightweight, technologically advanced, high-capacity, low-calorie, performance-driven, budget-friendly, ATF-approved, deep-cycling, space-saving, less-filling, mysteriously named DAKA material. Like the ultra-minimalist DAKA Essential wallet, the Everyday Wallet’s made to carry only the essentials. In this case, that’s as many as seven cards. But it’s got a clear window pocket out front for an ID and an extra pocket in the middle for some cash. So, if you like the idea of reducing your wallet bulge with a DAKA, but couldn’t commit to a wallet without room for your library card or photo of your mom, here you go.

Make: Magpul
Model: DAKA Everyday Wallet
Colors: Black, FDE, Gray, OD Green
MSRP: $25


Skeleton Optics set up shop in 2015 with the aim of making feature-focused eyewear for outdoor adventure. The lineup features glare-free, polarized lenses from Zeiss optics, neutral gray tint, and 100-percent protection from UV radiation. The lenses are impact-resistant polycarbonate and covered in a hydrophobic coating that sheds water and makes the surfaces easy to clean. The Scout frame, below, is a classic shape that provides a wide, uninterrupted field of view while providing a physical barrier between your peepers and whatever you’re facing down.

Make: Skeleton Optics
Model: Scout
MSRP: $185

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