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New From Full Conceal

Maximum firepower in a minimum-size package is the goal of Mike Full, founder of Full Conceal. His vision for the company’s initial offering, the M3D, was to allow the concealed carrier to pack a service size pistol and twenty-two rounds of ammunition with less bulk than a conventional subcompact and a spare magazine. At the same time, the folded M3D dispenses with the traditional L-shape silhouette of a conventional pistol.

In response to concerns about the speed of deployment, Full counters that the gun isn’t meant to quick-draw against a bad guy who already has the carrier at gunpoint, and can, in fact, be discreetly deployed earlier in a potential encounter due to its compact shape and innocuous silhouette.

Following the launch of the M3D and its subcompact M3S Glock 43-based companion, Full Conceal is moving into 2019 with a few new offerings.

full conceal 3

They have their own variant of CAA’s Micro Roni chassis, called the Viper, that offers a folding pistol brace and their own machined aluminum angled foregrip that protects the magazine when the M3D inside is stowed in the folded position.

full conceal 2

Additionally, they’ve developed a Picatinny rail mounted spare magazine carrier that will stow a second Glock magazine oriented fore-and-aft on the top rail. Conveniently, the height of the magazine carrier allows a set of co-witnessing backup sights to be molded into its upper surface.

Full points out that with the Shark in its fully folded configuration, it’s the equivalent of a 66-round 9mm PCC in the footprint of a laptop.

full conceal 4

Also new for 2019 will be Full Conceal’s own line of aluminum alloy pistol frames, so that if a customer already owns a Glock 19, they will have the option of buying a second, folding frame and retaining the original one in its stock configuration, switching back and forth as desired.

MSRP on the alloy folding M3 frame is planned to be $399 at this writing.


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