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HSGI Review and New Taco Gear Attachment

I've been using HSGI High Speed Gear TACO pouches since they first hit the market. They're well-built and smartly designed for serious use.

HSGI Basics

Because I use more than just STANAG 5.56 mags, prior to the introduction of the HSGI Taco I had multiple chest rigs.

While having one for an 7.62 AK and another for an AR and another for something else may make you happy if you're super into gear, it can get old really fast (especially when you find yourself with the wrong rifle/rig combination).

The universal nature of the Taco's made everything easier.

However, the first time I installed Taco pouches I ran into one issue: attaching a half dozen pouches to a chest rig took me three hours.

I have no beef with MALICE clips but the tight fit in the back of the Taco is unforgiving. Having to use pliers to stretch out the PALS webbing was a pain and even after doing it many times it still wasn't easy. Heaven help you if you put on one and find it needs to be moved over one column.

The Taco

But we all put up with it because the HSGI Taco is so versatile. Insert whatever quote you wish about necessary evils, it would be appropriate.

During SHOT Show this year I attended the RE Factor ‘Ball-so-Hard' soiree at the Strip Gun Club in Las Vegas. At the end of the event I was given a goodie bag, and one of the items was an HSGI Taco. Sweet–I love Taco's, as already mentioned.

However, when I looked inside, instead of the traditional MALICE hardware there was something different:

HSGI clip.

What is this sorcery? That, dear readers, is HSGI's new attachment method: The HSG Clip. At the time of publishing, all HSGI pouches and accessories will be shipping with these. Here's how you use them:

The bottom nubbin' is oriented towards the pouch itself and the whole thing slides through the PALS webbing. There is a flare and short ledge that helps prevent over-insertion.

HSGI Clip Procedure


Put your needed number of HSGI Clips onto whatever your mounting (in this case, 2 short HSGI Clips in a standard Taco)

HSGI Taco pack.
Weave like you normally would with any MOLLE/PALS system, except when you get to the end, the HSG Clip is secured by pushing the end through the slot. It can then be pressed down over the nub. Lockup is solid.

Shown on skeletonized webbing for clarity.

Shown on skeletonized webbing for clarity.

That's it! No pliers, knives, multi-tools, or even profanity needed. To remove, simply insert a screwdriver or other flat implement under the snap and pop it off. The HSGI Clip can then be unlaced like anything else.

Initial Impressions

I can't give a long term review since I've only had them a short time. Initial impressions are especially positive. Straightforward, solid lockup, minimal flexing. Expect a long term review in the future.

HSGI Clips will be available in short (3 columns) and long (5 columns) lengths, and sold in packs of (6) or (12) (MSRP starts at $9.50 for a (6) pack of shorts). They'll also be available in bulk for vendors.


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Corey Graff contributed to this article.

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