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New Products – Issue 38

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If we’re spending all day at the range under the sun, we’re going to need a water bottle that doesn’t let our cold water turn lukewarm. Fortunately, GSI Outdoors released its MicroLite lineup. These 18/8 stainless steel bottles are vacuum insulated, with a space almost devoid of air in between two layers of steel. That vacuum prevents outside conditions from affecting the bottle’s contents. Featuring a screw-top lid, the MicroLite 720 Twist holds 24 fluid ounces — GSI claims it can keep your coffee hot for 12 hours or your iced water cold for 24 hours. It’s also a third lighter than traditional double-walled bottles thanks to 2mm-thin steel. Its baby brother, the MicroLite 500 Twist, is said to keep 16.9 fluid ounces hot for 10 hours and cold for 20 hours.

Make: GSI Outdoors
Model: MicroLite 720, MicroLite 500 Twist
Colors: Apple Green, Black, and Blue
MSRP: $29, $25


Usually gun folks are knife folks. Here’s a shirt that celebrates both … sorta. The Have a Knife Day Shirt is a button-up short sleeve that features a pattern of tiny Swiss Army Knife-like multitools. It features 5.11’s trademarked RAPIDraw placket, allowing you to quickly access a concealed carry handgun. The branded metal case buttons and snaps will hold up to repeated use and — let’s face it — are much faster to do and undo than traditional buttons. Offered in regular fit, the shirt is made of a lightweight cotton-polyester blend that’s comfortable and airy for a summer’s day.

Make: 5.11 Tactical
Model: Have a Knife Day Shirt
Colors: Breeze, Pebble, and White
MSRP: $50


At first glance, the Combat Applications Belt from GPM Kit looks like typical webbing with a hook-and-loop closure. But after testing it out, we’re sold on this minimalist style of belt, which GPM Kit says is the first patented buckle-free tactical belt. It’s way lighter than a rigger’s belt and, while the method of donning it for the first time seems unusual, is easy to use once you’ve read the simple instructions. This belt is flexible enough to conform to your curves, but stiff enough to hold a holster and mag pouches. Plus, if you’re shooting prone, there’s no buckle to jam into your gut.

Make: GPM Kit
Model: Combat Applications Belt
Colors: ATACS, Black, Coyote, and Green
MSRP: $49


Benchmade’s SOCP daggers are popular because they’re not only light and deadly, but they also have a large ring at the butt end for retention and quick deployment. Now the company is releasing the 390 SOCP 4.5, the first ever SOCP folding knife — and RECOIL has the honor of premiering it in print here. To transform the dagger into folder form, designer Greg Thompson kept it long and slim but morphed the retention ring into a pocket clip with a large hole, so you can stick the pad of your index finger into it to aid in a rapid draw. Ambidextrous thumb discs let you quickly open the spear-point blade, made of D2 tool steel with a black Cerakote finish. The handle has textured G10 scales and a glass-breaker on the end. Because of its unique design, Benchmade also offers a replica training blade for $160. Made in the USA, both the trainer and live blade should be on sale by the time you read this.

Make: Benchmade Knife Co.
Model: 390 SOCP 4.5
MSRP: $205

salvation coffee

It’s widely known that certain RECOIL staff members have attended 12-step programs for their addiction to hot, caffeinated beverages. Be that as it may, we welcome relapses with open arms and an empty mug. The latest came in the form of two offerings from Salvations Coffee Co. The veteran-owned company sent us 10-ounce bags of their Speed Freak Light Roast and Wild Roast coffee. We rate coffee on two scales: how good it tastes and how much we feel it. It passed both tests admirably. The Columbian single-origin Wild Roast has a smooth, bold taste, surprising us with some sweet, candy-like fragrant notes. Although its name might make you think you’ll be buying more Sudafed at 3 a.m., the Speed Freak is a lightly roasted Ethiopian that’s also flavorful and rich.

Make: Salvation Coffee Co.
Model: Speed Freak Light Roast, Wild Roast
Options: Available ground or whole bean
MSRP: $18 each


The MeoMag 3x magnifier from Meopta has a dual purpose. First, it’s designed to pair up with almost any red-dot sight available today, allowing greater precision at longer distances. Second, it’s sized to fit into your palm as a monocular. Thanks to a quick-release mount, you can cycle through its two uses in seconds. A hinge mount is also available if you prefer to keep the magnifier on your firearm. It features Meopta’s trademarked MeoBright lens coatings (eliminating glare and reflections) and MeoDrop lens coatings (repelling not only rain and snow but also dirt and skin oils).

Make: Meopta
Model: MeoMag 3x
Weight: 7.48 ounces
MSRP: $1,000


With its angular lines and bright red color, the RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger looks just as good as it performs. With a 3.5-pound pull weight and a short reset, the single-stage trigger improves your accuracy and split times. It weighs 2.3 ounces, fits most .308 and .223 ARs, can be installed quickly without any minute adjustments, and is made from CNC-machined tool steel and aluminum. The APT’s unique-looking blade combines the leverage of a straight trigger with the consistent placement of a curved bow. Who said all triggers had to look the same?

Make: Rise Armament
Model: RA-535 Advanced Performance Trigger
MSRP: $259

T3 Kit Bag Gen 2

The original cotton flyer’s kit bag stands the test of time with its simple, durable, and space-saving nature. When you’ve got a bunch of them to pack, the square shape means they stack and nest, maximizing storage space in aircrew shuttles, on pallets, and in aircraft cargo holds. They carry as much as an average suitcase, which is to say a lot, while scrunching down to the size of a football when not in use. T3’s version retains all this goodness and adds self-storing backpack straps for hands-free transfers, an easy-access perimeter zipper in addition to the standard centerline zipper, hard-wearing, 500-denier Cordura nylon fabric instead of the original heavyweight cotton, and heavy-duty stitching and water-resistant zippers. It’s also made in the U.S. and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Make: T3
Model: Kit Bag, Gen 2
Dimensions: 19 by 22 by 12 inches
Colors: Black, Coyote Tan, Desert Digital, MultiCam, OD Green
MSRP: $153

ESD Sling

ESD’s sling is an exquisitely efficient take on the adjustable rifle sling. The inch-wide nylon webbing has two sections — the quick-adjust lead and the set-and-forget rear section that attaches to the rifle butt. What makes the ESD a little different than its competitors is its effortless operation and its bevy of factory rifle connection options. The slider is intuitive and effortless to operate in both directions. And there five options for rifle connections, plus an optional mid-sling quick disconnect for guys who forgo QD ends, but still want a quick way out of the sling.

Make: Edgar Sherman Design
Model: ESD Sling
End Options: Paracord connection, QD sling swivel, ITW HK clash hooks, or loose ends
MSRP: $40 to $75

LEHIGH Flash Tip Projectiles

Boutique bulleteer Lehigh Defense says it came up with the design of its new titanium-laden Flash Tip projectile at the request of the U.S. military. The war department guys asked for a round that would deliver the same point of impact reference as a tracer but wouldn’t lead right back to the round’s point of origin. When this bullet’s titanium tip hits a target, it produces a flash visible to the naked eye up to a mile away in daylight, says Lehigh. The flash tip gives long-range target shooters and match ROs a visual indicator of impacts. Lehigh says the rounds spark up on contact with steel as well as mud walls, stone, and more. And don’t sweat target damage; the tip uses low-tensile titanium that won’t damage AR400 and higher-grade steel plates.

Make: Lehigh Defense
Model: Flash Tip Projectiles
Available Sizes:
.264 105gr & 119gr
.308 111gr & 144gr
.338 240gr
.375 338gr
MSRP: Starting at $29

GUNWERKS Premium Rifle Brass


When it comes to accuracy, that most excellent union of bullet, powder, and primer depends on the case’s ability to keep those components in contact with precision measured in thousandths of an inch. That’s why we’re excited to hear Gunwerks, a company already known for precision in the rifle arena, is putting its name on its own line of brass. The premium brass features tight tolerances, uniform primer pockets, precision drilled flash holes, optimized case walls, and lot-to-lot weight and volume consistency … all that adds to more accuracy and longer case life. Gunwerks even thought to minimize its headstamp so handloaders can see the first hint of pressure signs. Each load of brass comes in a heavy-duty carry pouch that makes it easy to segregate the good stuff from the range pickups when heading home for the day.

Make: Gunwerks
Model: Premium Rifle Brass
Calibers: 6CM, 6.5CM, 300WM, 300RUM, 338RUM, 338 Lapua Magnum
Primer Pocket: Large on all brass sizes
MSRP: $71 to $214 per 100 pieces


Even with a sling, a protein shake, and a good night’s rest, holding a rifle at relaxed low ready for hours sucks. The JX Rifle Holster takes the load off — or rather, it shifts the load to your shoulders, holding an AR by the magwell. It holds the rifle by straddling the mag, bottoming out on the magwell, and latching to the trigger guard, covered by a plastic shield for safety. The holster slips into the PALS field of your tactical vest and rotates up and down, allowing the rifle to ride in muzzle up or down positions. To release the rifle, push the big button and lift. This might not be the best use of valuable chest rig real estate for HSLDers running nav boards or maxxing out on reloads. But for guys manning static positions, this thing will return the feeling back in your arms and let you go hands free while performing admin tasks with your primary at the ready.

Make: JX Tactical
Model: AR/M4 Rifle Holster
Colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth
MSRP: $99


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