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New Holsters from Tenicor for Glocks with Weaponlights – ARX SOL, CERTUM LUX, and MALUS SOL

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Tenicor makes some of our favorite holsters, applying copious amounts of the very best kind of OCD into making guns disappear on your body — now including full size guns with full size weapon lights. For Thanksgiving this year, we can all give thanks that Tenicor is releasing three new holsters for Glocks with weapon lights, the ARX SOL, CERTUM LUX, and MALUS SOL.

The elders amongst us might recognize that Tenicor's naming convention relies on Latin words. LUX (light, daylight, day) denotes holsters that accommodate compact weapon lights, such as the SureFire XC series, Streamlight TLR-7, and Inforce APL lights. While the SureFire X300 light is rather hefty for concealed carry, Tenicor received requests to work their magic on it. As a result, SOL (sun, light of the sun) designates the new holsters designed for the SureFire X300 series.

ARX SOL holster

The ARX SOL is an outside-the-waistband holster for Glock 17 and 19 pistols with a SureFire X300 weapon light, designed to be worn at or behind your hip. It features the familiar two-piece OWB design with integrated belt loops, placing the holster high enough to keep it concealed. Its profile hugs your body, with wings that pull it even closer when attached to your belt, while the forward cant of the holster rotates your pistol's grip inward. It has a mid-height sweat guard and two screws to adjust retention. MSRP is $97.

CERTUM LUX holster

The CERTUM LUX is a classic, streamlined, minimalistic inside-the-waistband holster for a Glock 19 with a compact weapon light. Since the gun itself provides retention in the holster, it works fine even without a light attached and the same holster accommodates all of the small weapon lights listed above. By reconfiguring the belt clips or loops, the holster can be used for IWB carry in the appendix or hip position. Slots in the clips provide adjustments for cant, while slots in the holster adjust ride height. The holster doesn't have any body contours, for those who prefer it slick or want to add their own. You can also attach one of the three provided camming bars to tuck in your pistol's grip. It has a mid-height sweat guard, and two screws adjust the retention level. MSRP for closed or snap loops is $89, for Mod4 clips is $109, and for all belt attachments is $123.

MALUS SOL holster

Designed specially for appendix carry, the MALUS SOL will swallow your Glock 19 or 17 with a SureFire X300 and hide it next to your junk. It's similar to the SAGAX LUX, with some additional tweaks. We tested it successfully with late model X300 Ultras as well as the originals. A body contour wedge is molded into the side of the holster that touches your body, and a camming bar attaches next to the belt clip to push against the inside of your belt. Both of these features serve to pull the grip of your gun tight against your body; please see below for a more detailed description of how this works. The MALUS SOL also has a full-height sweat guard. Two T1 belt clips and three camming bars in different sizes are included with the holster to customize the fit. Retention is adjustable via two screws. MSRP is $109.

All of the holsters have sight channels that'll clear suppressor-height sights, clearance for red dots, and room for threaded barrels. They're also available with various belt attachment clips and loops. The traditional loops come in two varieties. The closed loops need to be threaded onto your belt, but as a result are the most secure and concealable. Snap loops, not surprisingly, snap into place so that you can attach and detach your holster without removing your belt. The belt clips are made by Discreet Carry Concepts for Tenicor, with hole patterns and slots specifically designed for Tenicor's holsters. The T1 clips have slots to adjust ride height, while the Mod4 clips have a curved slot to allow for 16 degrees of cant adjustment.

The following diagrams with an original Tenicor VELO holster demonstrate how the body contour wedge and camming bar work to pull the gun and its grip closer to your body. The wedge or body contour is on the body-side of the holster, growing in size toward the muzzle. As a result, it fills in the space between the holster and your body, pushing the muzzle outward and the grip closer to your body. The camming bar sits next to the belt clip, on top of the trigger guard. When you attach the holster to your belt, the camming bar presses against the inside of your belt, thus rotating the grip of your gun toward your body. Therefore, the combination of the body contour tipping the grip and end of the slide closer to your body vertically and the camming bar rotating the grip toward your body around your waist results in much less potential for printing and a much more concealable package. It works really well.

Rather than a simple wedge as on the original VELO holster, the latest MALUS SOL (and Tenicor's 4th generation VELO) features an ergonomic body contour to fill the void between the holster and your body:

The IWB holsters also come with camming bars in 3 different heights, so that you can choose exactly how much you want the grip to rotate in towards your body:

As we've come to expect from Tenicor, these holsters are very thoughtfully designed with not just concealment and weapons manipulation but also combatives in mind. They exhibit high levels of fit and finish. And they conceal large guns with large lights as well as you could hope for. If you have a Glock with a weapon light, you owe it to yourself to check these holsters out.


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