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New Innovation from X Products

What could possibly be better than a 69-round 9mm drum magazine? How about a 69-round drum magazine that's compatible with any platform. That's exactly what X Products has done with their new XCM-9 Xtended Capacity Modular 9mm Magazine System.

X Products has become widely recognized for their extended capacity drum magazines that are as reliable as they are sexy, but rather than coast on momentum and let other companies catch up, X Products continues to push the innovation envelope.

X Products XCM-9

X Products XCM-9

The XCM-9 is a 69-ish capacity magazine (the exact capacity fluctuates due to its modularity) manufactured almost entirely from billet machined 6061 aluminum. After over a year in development, this new fully modular drum magazine measures 5 inches in diameter and allows the shooter to configure the magazine for multiple platforms by changing out the tower. This feature not only allows the shooter to change between firearm magazine platforms (i.e. Glock, CZ, S&W, etc.) but also allows the shooter to choose the most compact and aesthetically pleasing configuration within that platform (i.e. Glock 17 vs. Glock 19).

X Products XCM-9

X Products XCM-9

The XCM is available now for pre-order with an anticipated March delivery date. The magazine retails for $199. Pre-orders require a $100 deposit and the remaining balance will be required at the time of shipment.

Another new innovation from X Products is their 100% Ambidextrous Multi-Caliber Side Charging Upper Receiver. Unlike a traditional AR receiver, the SCU places the charging handle forward of the bolt and lower on the axis for a more linear operation. The non-reciprocating charging handle is magnetically locked forward to prevent movement during operation. The dual-side ejection off-side port cover, interchangeable grip, and off-hand slide handles can be swapped for right- or left-handed operation.

X Products SCU Ejection Port Side

X Products SCU Ejection Port Side With Bolt Carrier

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The 6061 billet cut SCU comes with a proprietary bolt carrier that will function with all standard bolts. This bolt carrier is a specially designed Mil-Spec carrier with a cutback to work with the SCU charging handle. A gas piston version of the carrier is soon-to-be in the works.

The receiver has a dual cam pin engagement system, which allows the shooter to configure the rifle using a left-handed “mirror” bolt assembly and carrier. This would, however, require modification to the left-handed bolt carrier by X Products.

X Products SCU Charging Handle Side

X Products SCU Charging Handle Side With Bolt Carrier

The SCU is compatible with 5.56mm/.223, 300 Blackout, .458 SOCOM, & 9mm and retails for $199. It's expected to be in stock and ready for shipment this month.

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