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New Integrals from Liberty Suppressors: The Whitetail and the Zulu

We're no strangers of Liberty Suppressors (not by a long shot). Though we've seen some sneak peaks, two new integrals, the Zulu and the Whitetail, have been officially released.

First, let's talk about the Zulu integral.


This is a dedicated 5.56 upper which allows you to cross state lines legally–unlike your SBR with a silencer attached. With an MSRP of a mere $1,550 it comes priced lower than the similarly designed Gemtech Integra. Here's what they have to say about it:

The Zulu is the culmination of several years of research into building the perfect 556 integral AR15 assembly. We worked on several things such as sound performance, back pressure management, bolt carrier velocity, ejection port noise, accuracy, and many more criteria to bring you the perfect balance of all these items. First we started off with a great base platform by using Aero Precision premium uppers and rails, St. Croix bolt carrier groups, and Odin Works custom spec stainless barrels. We have built this silencer system with titanium where possible to keep weight down and Inconel where needed to add great service life to the system. The top off this whole project, the whole thing comes wrapped in a Liberty’s Defense fireproof suppressor heat shield! Call today to get yours!

Other specifications include:

Barrel length (rifled bore): 10.5″
Twist Rate: 1 in 8″
Barrel Material: Stainless steel
223 Wylde Chamber (556 NATO Compatible)
Inconel 718 Blast Baffle
Grade 5 Titanium baffle system
Weight of the upper is 3lb. 11oz. w/o bolt carrier or charging handle
Pinned and welded to bring length to 16.6″ (Single Stamp)

Here's a short video on it:

For more info, hit up the Zulu page here.

Next up is the Whitetail. As the name indicates, this one has hunters in mind.


While suppressed hunting isn't legal in every state, it is legal in most. Check this out from our latest CARNIVORE magazine:

Blue: Legal for general use Gray: Not legal Dot: Legal for hunting

Blue: Legal for general use. Gray: Not legal. Dot: Legal for hunting

Here's what Liberty has to say about their new integral Whitetail:

When you’re suppressing a hunting rifle, you need something short, light, and most of all, quiet. For this we’ve made the Whitetail, an integrally suppressed 6.5 Creedmoor rifle built on the Ruger American rifle. Featuring a 17″ barrel, with a 13.5″ long suppressor, the overall length from breech face to the end of the suppressor is only 24″, making it one of the best compactness-to-suppression options available. If you have a long hike to the stand, weight can be a major concern. The Whitetail weighs within a couple of ounces of the original rifle, allowing you to walk further or carry more additional gear without being weighed down. The Whitetail is easily serviced by the end user using only a 3/8″ ratchet. Best of all, the large suppressor and roomy expansion chamber make this rifle among the quietest available. For your next hunt, we would recommend the Liberty Suppressors Whitetail.


And as with the Zulu, here's a short video:

For more info, hit up the Liberty Suppressors page on the Whitetail here.

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