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New KE Arms Shotgun Accessories

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Almost every time we see the guys from KE Arms, it’s usually at a match where they’re running what they’re making. You’ve got to respect folks that get their design cues from what they learn pulling triggers and getting dirty at the range.

Now we hear they're proudly rolling out their new line of shotgun accessories: Titanium Charging Handles and some slick Aimpoint Micro Mounts for shotguns. Designed with input from their competitive shooting team, these products are intended to enhance your performance with your shotgun regardless of application.

KE Arms Titanium Charging Handle and Aimpoint Micro Mount - 1


New KE Arms Shotgun Accessories

Here's a rundown on a couple of the new options.

Titanium Charging Handles

KE Arms Titanium Charging Handle - 1

Improving in both material construction and ergonomic function over the OEM units. The titanium charging handle is available for the Benelli M2 and the Beretta 1301 Comp and Tactical Models. The generous rounded surfaces make high speed manipulations more efficient and pain free. The lightweight of Titanium is intended to ensure that reliability is not compromised with extra mass.

Aimpoint Micro Mounts

KE Arms Micro Aimpoint Mount - 1

The durability and reliability of the Aimpoint Micro is without question, having proven itself on the battlefield since 2007. Adding one to a shotgun has all the same benefits of adding one to a rifle; increased speed with both eyes open, the ability to make hits more easily from unconventional positions, and simplified sight picture at extended ranges. Unlike a bead sight, making hits using the dot is not as dependent on the placement of the shooter’s eye behind it. Where the dot is, is where the shot pattern or slug goes.

The Beretta 1301 Comp comes drilled and tapped ready to accept optic mounts. The KE Arms Aimpoint Micro mount for the 1301 Comp does not require gunsmithing for installation. The Aimpoint Micro is mounted as low as possible so a cheek riser is not required for most shooters with pistol grip or traditional stocks.

KE Arms Titanium Charging Handle and Aimpoint Micro Mount - 2

The Remington 870 Aimpoint Micro mount does require minor gunsmithing for installation. Drilling and tapping two 8-32 holes on the top of the receiver, is all that is required. When properly installed, the mount is solid and suitable for use in home defense, on duty, or in the field.

KE Arms Aimpoint Micro Mount - 2

If your looking at picking up these or other stuff from KE Arms head on over here, or check them out on Facebook, and Instagram.

You can also check out some of their gear in action in the following YouTube video.

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