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Home Defense with Paul Howe – new from Panteao

“Your home is your castle – there are ways to protect it. We've got different entry points, breach points you can call 'em, where people can come in…we've got doors, windows, different barriers here, some are soft, some are hard…how you set this up in your tactics and environment makes all the difference. Now, do I need to go outside…can I deconflict problems from here? Do I make contact here but have fallback locations? You don't want to be caught in one spot in your house or the bedroom…layer your defense or your offense for your house several different ways.” Paul Howe, Make Ready with Paul Howe – Home Defense

Panteao is the Portuguese word for Pantheon, meaning “a group of persons most highly regarded for contributions to a field or endeavor”. This is fitting to a company that provides instructional videos on topics like self defense, home defense, shooting, and others. Panteao Productions uses highly regarded instructors to teach in the multitude of instructional videos they provide in their ‘Make Ready’ video series.

Paul-Howe-Home-DefenseThey have recently announced a new Make Ready video- Home Defense with Paul Howe. Chapters include such topics las Your Neighborhood, Mindset and Arriving Home. Paul Howe served 20 years in the army, 10 of those in special operations. During those ten years he saw several combat operations, including the Battle of Mogadishu. Now a high-risk instructor, Paul uses his own experiences to show you the importance of home security and walk you step by step through engaging threats, leaving and arriving at your home, and more. These videos can be ordered on DVD or viewed streaming on Panteao’s website here.


Paul Howe

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